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Cat Enclosures

We all know our cats adore being outdoors, but roaming cats can have difficulties with cars, dogs, your neighbours – and even other cats!

Cats don’t thrive when locked up indoors and are not always safe when let outdoors. Cat mesh enclosures are now widely accepted as being a great safe haven for cats with an adventurous nature.

Our cat enclosures give an owner peace of mind, as well as the pleasure of seeing their cat able to enjoy the outdoors. With your cat in mind, you can easily enclose an outdoor area, allowing your best friend to climb, leap, jump and explore the outdoors in safety.

Another important issue is the potential for environmental damage to native wildlife. A number of councils are creating by-laws regarding domestic pet management. These by-laws relate to creating a safe environment for native wildlife, as well as harm minimisation to domestic pets. They are designed to keep your pet on your property.

The mesh used for our cat enclosures is strong – strong enough for your cats to climb, durable, UV treated, strong enough to last a decade. The cat mesh is a revolutionary type of knotted, pre-stretched, low-visibility netting. Because it’s pre-stretched, it doesn’t sag. And because it’s low-visibility, it blends into the garden.

An enclosure can easily be customised to fit a range of different configurations. Some of the many ways cat owners choose to have mesh enclosures installed include:

Properly installed, these enclosures look attractive, and properly built, the enclosure is a safe and protected environment for your beloved cat.

It’s easy to discover more about cat enclosures by Chris Clark. Simply call Chris 0413 315 870 or fill in the form, and we will arrange an appointment for a no-obligation design and quote appointment. We will come out to your premises, sit down with you to explain all the options and help you design the ideal cat enclosure for your needs